Empty Stocking 2016

Hello, Agencies!

It’s that time again, when stockings might be looking empty, but we might be able to help them get filled.  We need little stories, no more than four sentences long, of very real clients, but with false names of course.  We need stories of families whose lives would be made better if the community would help them, and we aim for this holiday season.

We don’t want “family needs beds,” but would like “It’s hard for seven year old Sammy to get a good night’s sleep on a couch, but if he could have a real bed, and even sheets, a pillow case, and a comforter, what a great surprise that would be!” The story needs to be followed by your name, your agency’s name, and a contact phone number.  It is the responsibility of the submitting person to see that the gifts are delivered.

There have to be real clients, not neighbors, friends, or relatives.  This is not a search for Barbie houses, video games, or Pokemon figures.

Please fax me the stories, to 304-399-3501, by Wednesday, November 14th.  The paper likes to have them to run the day after Thanksgiving. 

This year I&R’s new office manager, Taylor McKnight, is joining me in this happy venture.  Thanks from both of us for your quick response.

May the holiday spirit be with us all~

Sidney Polan and Taylor McKnight

Information and Referral

455 9th St Plaza

Huntington WV 25701

(304) 528-5660

2016 Empty Stocking stories submit to I&R by Nov 14