Nothing ever seems to go according to plan. Whether you are a master planner or fly by the seat of your pants, it can still be challenging when the best-laid plans fail. We 100% get it. It can be overwhelming when your child’s schedule is thrown off, you have a last-minute work deadline that just came up, and you have a family event to plan for that happens in a few hours. 

Remaining engaged with your child is paramount in order to be a psychologically flexible parent. In today’s ever-changing world, it’s even harder to be a parent than ever before. You have to integrate both work and life, and if you don’t do it seamlessly, it can be disheartening.

Even if you have limited screen times for your kids, there will be days when they watch more of their favorite shows and beg for your devices. There will be tantrums, last-minute plans, and navigating childcare due to the pandemic. Being able to stay open, present, and engaged with your child will ensure a more positive experience when flexibility is a must.