When we hear the word “joy” these days, many of us automatically think of Marie Kondo and her question, “Does it spark joy?” Sparking joy in your child could take on the same mantra. How can you plant the seeds of joy in your children? 

What does joy look like in your child’s life? It could be an hour of uninterrupted time with a caregiver. It could be a long-awaited trip to their grandparents’ house after quarantining due to COVID-19. It could mean taking a walk or riding in a stroller on a pretty spring day. If your child cannot communicate well with words yet, pay attention to what makes them happy. It could be their favorite food, a tickling session with a parent, or rediscovering a long-lost toy at the bottom of the toy box. Get curious and explore what brings joy to your child. 

Practicing your own joy as a parent also pays dividends for your child during their formative years. Focusing on the good things that happen and finding silver linings in the bad can help rewire the brain for happiness