History of the Cabell County Family Resource Network

Since incorporation in September 1993, the Cabell County Family Resource Network (CCFRN) has brought together a broad-based representation of partners, including business representatives, consumers, and service providers from health, education, housing, and social services. These partners are critical to improving the well-being of our families and children. The CCFRN envisions a coordinated, community-based social service system responsive to the needs of families and effective in enhancing the success of individuals and families to responsibly achieve their goals.

Mission Statement

The Cabell County Family Resource Network is a partnership of individuals, families and agencies working together to promote the well-being of children and families in Cabell County.

Planning Principles

The CCFRN is a non-profit, community-based organization that focuses on planning, mobilizing and evaluating projects that target prevention. Its primary goal is developing ways to improve Cabell County’s service delivery system. In all areas of planning and coordination the Cabell County FRN emphasizes five guiding principles:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Community Investment in What Works
  • Commitment to Prevention
  • Community Based Service Delivery

We identify needs in the community and then bring people and resources together to work on meeting those needs through special projects. Family and community representatives, policy makers and providers of services can embrace and act upon these principles as members in Cabell County’s powerful partnership.


2019-2020 Annual project highlights


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2018-2019 Brochure project highlights

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2017- 2018 Newsletter project highlights



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2016-17 Highlights Newsletter – click to download PDF

2017 Annual report SF16, PIP, CCSET, FRN 11-27-17 newsletter


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What is a Family Resource Network (FRN)?

The West Virginia Family Resource Networks are organizations that respond to the needs and opportunities of the community. Partnering with community members and public and private organizations, the WVFRN.org members develop innovative projects and provide needed resources for their local areas.

Our initiatives demonstrate the network’s commitment to community development in the region.

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