Update Septbmer 25, 2015

Dear OCOF Issue Team Leaders and Partners,

Please see the current results below, as of last night. 934 people have voted, and, right now, 9 VOTES is the gap between making the platform and not.

We strongly encourage all the teams to work hard over the last 5 days to boost your vote totals. Please read these important reminders:

* These results will change. Last year, the majority of voters voted in the last 3 days. If you haven’t voted yet, what are you waiting for: ocofwv.org/ballot.

* The totals below DO NOT include all of the paper ballots. We are still entering those.

* “Double-voting” is not permitted. For instance, if someone marks “Shared Use Agreements” on their ballots 5 times, it will only count once.

* If you are collecting paper ballots, they have to arrive by 5pm on September 30th at the office or scanned and sent to my e-mail. Likewise, on-line voting will end at 5pm on September 30th.

* There have been a lot of questions about who is eligible to vote. Eligibility is purposefully broad, because we want our issue teams to be bringing new people into the campaign. In order to qualify, someone has to be able to answer the question on the ballot about how they are affiliated with the Campaign (which includes: coming to an event, being affiliated with one of our partner organizations or issue teams, or being personally referred.)

* We encourage issue teams to consolidate with other issue teams, if it makes sense to them… so that you can combine efforts and so that more issues can make the platform. Please contact me if you are interested in doing so.
Issue Count
Second Chance for Employment/Drivers Licenses 466
Mental Health Matters 370
Right to Work is Wrong 314
Juvenile Justice: Redirect & Reinvest 291
Afterschool for All! 270
Increasing Local Food Access & Profitability 269
Expand Broadband Access 242
Protecting Child Care Centers 240
WV Earned Income Tax Credit 233
Fair Taxes for WV 231
Stop Meth Labs 222
Better Births WV 219
Foster Kids Bill of Rights 190
Pay it Forward 155
Modernize APRN Practice Laws 153
Shared Use Agreements 87
Community-Based Budgeting 62
Total voters 934

All best,
Stephen Noblesmith


Dear OCOF Partners and Allies,

Vote now here: ocofwv.org/ballot.

What a Summit! More than 450 people attended one or both days of the Summit, and together, we did some amazing things… including:

– Recognized 39 legislative leaders, from both parties, for championing one or more of our 18 victories. We also recognized the pharmacies who have helped remove meth-making pseudoephedrine from their shelves…

– Unveiled our Long-Range VISION! Want to see it? Contact Carey Jo Grace at carey@ourfuturewv.org.

– Held over a dozen workshops, panels, and trainings – to get active on our issues.


Visit ocofwv.org/ballot NOW to vote on-line on the 5 issues that you most want to fight for in 2016!

Once you vote, spread the word!!! Folks are eligible to vote if they have attended an OCOF meeting, belong to an OCOF partner organization or issue team, or are directly referred by an OCOF leader–like you!

Voting is open now, and goes until September 30th.


Chris Kimes

PS Want to vote by paper ballot, or host a meeting of your community or congregation to give others a chance to vote? Contact George Huntzicker (george@ourfuturewv.org) in the North, LeeAnn Shreve (leeann@ourfuturewv.org) in the East, or Carey Jo Grace (careyjo@ourfuturewv.org) in the South or West. Make sure your community’s voice is heard!
This action alert is sponsored by the Our Children, Our Future campaign. The Our Children, Our Future campaign is made up of over 177 organizations/individuals committed to empowering West Virginia’s families and ending child poverty.

Our children our future legislative platform – vote by 9-30