This week, we will delve into the Bed portion of the Brush, Book, Bed campaign.


February 24, 2020

By Abbey Vidrine

After brushing and reading a good book it’s time for bed!

This week’s post will focus on the importance of a healthy and consistent sleep routine, but how do you ensure children are getting the proper amount of sleep?

We can’t deny that kids need sleep and plenty of it! Without the right amount of sleep, they become cranky and prone to more issues throughout the day.

So how much sleep do children even need? Here are the recommended sleep times from

Newborns (0-3 months)

Recommended: 14-17 hours


Infants (4-11 months)

Recommended: 12-15 hours


Toddlers (1-2 years)

Recommended: 11-14 hours


Preschoolers (3-5 years)

Recommended: 10-13 hours


School-aged Children (6-13 years)

Recommended: 9-11 hours


Teenagers (14-17 years)

Recommended: 8-10 hours


Now that we know the right amount of sleep, how do we get them to sleep that much?

Well first things first….

  1. Shut off the screens a half hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted from cell phones, tablets, and TVs can actually make it harder to fall asleep. It’s best to give the eyes and mind a break before laying down.


  1. The next step is to make sleeping a priority. Help them understand the importance of a good night sleep (might save some arguments). Schedule the right amount of sleep in your child’s routine, and make sure they follow it! It may lead to cutting back on other activities, but getting into a healthy sleeping routine will lead to a healthier child!


  1. So if you want your child to follow a better sleeping routine, the bedtime routine will have to start sooner. So start with putting the screens away, brushing teeth, reading a book, and then tuck your children into bed!

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