Tantrums are very common during your child’s second year of life, and often, they don’t know how to communicate with their words yet. It’s important to remember that tantrums are normal and happen to every child. Your toddler craves independence, exploration, understanding, and control over their environment. When they learn that they can’t have and do everything they want (like go outside in a torrential downpour), cue the tantrum! 

Managing your toddler’s tantrums – no matter when they arise – can be challenging. We get it. You may have forgotten your child’s favorite blanket on an outing. He may want to put a rock in his mouth, and you say no. She may not want to change her shirt after spilling milk all over it. The sky could be blue today. No matter the reason for the tantrum, there are some tips that can help both you and your child get through the heat of the moment.