Families Strong is a support group developed to support families impacted by substance use disorder (SUD). The program focuses on helping family members develop self-care, build social supports, and learn effective motivational strategies for interacting with a loved one who is struggling with SUD.  Families Strong was adapted from an evidence-based model to be more accessible and sustainable by using a peer-led support group approach while incorporating educational materials to empower family members.

The main goals of Families Strong are to:

  • Minimize the negative effects of an individual’s SUD on family members and friends.
  • Provide support for family members and friends of individuals with SUD.
  • Change the methods the family member uses to communicate with the person with SUD.
  • Assist the person with SUD in getting treatment.

Groups meet weekly for 9 weeks, up to 2 hours per group, using a remote format that allows individuals to participate from the comfort of home.


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Dawn M. Brown, MS



SUPPORT GROUP: Family Strong- for family of individuals with substance use disorder