Attached is information on the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) for victims of domestic violence who may need to be rehoused somewhere their abuser can’t find them and where they cannot be found by driver’s license information or court documents.

There are three different info sources in this packet.

I’ve also attached the Dangerousness Lethality Assessment Guide (D-LAG).  This booklet helps with:  Understanding the nature and extent of the domestic violence, Identify highly dangerous/potentially lethal behaviors, Provide a heightened response when indicators are present, and Coordinate responses across systems.

It has responses for law enforcement, advocates, magistrates, family and circuit court, prosecutors, child protection (pages 18-19), victim attorney/GAL, and batterers intervention programs.


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Address Confidentiality Program Information Packet for DV victims 3-2-21

D-LAG Domestic Violence Assessment Guide 2018



Info shared by: Jessica Ball MSW, LGSW

Bureau of Children and Families

Service Array Coordinator

RESOURCE: Domestic Violence Victim resource info