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The West Virginia Children’s Trust Fund raises money for innovative programs in communities all over the state that help keep children free from abuse and neglect. When you contribute a small or large amount you’ve done your part to help West Virginia children.

The West Virginia Children’s Trust Fund is not a provider of direct services. Through a variety of initiatives, including “Partners In Prevention,” the WVCTF supports local communities in creating efforts to prevent problems before they ever begin.

Partners in Prevention is based on the belief that child well being hinges on the capacity of local communities to support families and protect children. This approach is built on a framework of collaboration between and among community groups, state and local organizations, and local teams. Everyone has a role to play to strengthen families and children in the Mountain State. Community Teams across the state participate in this program of educational workshops, networking and mini-grants. The goals of the teams are:

  • raising awareness about child abuse and neglect and its prevention
  • developing and expanding effective services that prevent or reduce child maltreatment
  • informing policymakers about best practices in the prevention of child abuse and neglect

Partners in Prevention and the WV Children’s Trust Fund makes possible projects such as:

  • Events that increase community and professional understanding of how to keep children free from child abuse and neglect.
  • Programs such as “Parents as Teachers” which works with new parents by offering in-home family education.
  • Education to faith communities to assist them in supporting families.
  • Parenting classes in several counties,

…and much more.
Projects funded in the 2016-2017 fiscal year:

2016-17 Partners in Prevention grants



There are many ways that you can help support the important work of the West Virginia Children’s Trust Fund. 

Below are the three easy ways you can help:

1. Check the box on your tax return  next to “Contribute to the WV Children’s Trust Fund.”

2. Tell your tax preparer you want to donate to the WV Children’s Trust Fund and indicate the amount.

3. Donate online securely here.

Or paste in your browser the following link


Tax-deductible direct contributions to the West Virginia Children’s Trust Fund can be made by mail. Contributors will receive a letter verifying their contribution. Contributions may be sent to:

West Virginia Children’s Trust Fund
P.O. Box 3192
Charleston, WV 25332

Phone Number: 304-617-0099

For more information, contact Jim McKay, Development Coordinator at 304-617-0099 or by e-mail .

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