The Cabell Co. Substance Abuse Prevention (CCSAPP)  Youth Leaders were filmed a few weeks ago discussing what they have been doing to reduce/prevent substance abuse within their own schools and beyond.  We hope EVERYONE can tune in to watch and please share this email with all of your contacts!  The show will begin at 1pm!  Please pass this information along so teachers can show this LIVE event on October 25th in their classrooms.  Leaders in the community will be speaking live about the work going on in our community to showcase all of the positive.  We have seen enough negative to last a lifetime.

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Register Today: A Vital Conversation on the Opioid Epidemic for Your Students

Brought to you by Discovery Education and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Operation Prevention aims to combat the opioid epidemic by educating students about the impacts of prescription opioid misuse and heroin use through engaging, standards-aligned digital content.

Register today and tune in LIVE on Wednesday, October 25th at 1pm/10am PT for the second installment of the Operation Prevention virtual field trip series. Students will visit Huntington, West Virginia- a typical American community that has been greatly impacted by the opioid epidemic- to hear the powerful personal stories from the bravest teens and change makers in the city. Students will learn how opioids have affected their lives, how they are using their experiences to improve the city, and ways your students could make a positive impact in their own communities.

Some of the event’s guests will include:

  • Haley, a young teen whose parents struggle with opioid misuse, who now uses her experience to counsel others struggling with addiction.
  • Huntington’s Mayor, Steven Williams, whose record of public service is dedicated to turning the tide on the epidemic.
  • The teen members of the local drug abuse prevention program, who offer stories of what they have seen and how other students can get involved in their communities’ fight against the opioid crisis.

Gain new perspectives on this community in recovery in an experience your students won’t forget.

Explore standards-aligned digital lessons, interactive student module, parent toolkit, and more at

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Michelle Perdue, CCSAPP Director

Cabell County Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership

United Way of the River Cities

820 Madison Avenue

Huntington, WV 25704

tel 304.523.8929 x 110

fax 304.523.9811


Operation Prevention: A Vital Conversation on the Opioid Epidemic for Your Students – register to view live Oct 25 at 1 pm