Did you know that teenage girls who follow two or more female role models on social media are three times more likely to use the word ‘aspire’? And women in their twenties following two or more female role models are 16 times more likely to use words like ‘director’ in their profile. You get the picture: social media can present girls with female role models that change their leadership aspirations.*

You can help bring the stories and images of STEM female role models like Ruth Amos, Anne-Marie Imafidon, Charlotte Pearce, and Nara Pina—not to mention female role models in other fields—into schools in your community. The Female Lead, a book with 60 images and profiles of accomplished women including women in the arts, sciences, sports, business and activism, is available for free along with teaching materials.

Please share www.thefemalelead.com/for-schools with your Collaborative so that parents, caregivers, program providers, teachers, and friends may order a free book and teaching materials to be sent to the schools in their communities.  



The Female Lead is a non-profit project dedicated to making women’s stories more visible, and to provide positive role models for future generations, nurturing young women’s confidence and ambition is all spheres. The book is written by entrepreneur Edwina Dun with portraits by Brigitte Lacombe and videos by Marian Lacombe www.thefemalelead.com/icon-series. Order The Female Lead today and help create more female leaders of tomorrow: www.thefemalelead.com/for-schools.

*The Sunday Times Style, How to Raise a Female Leader. Words by Fleur Britten, 17 Sept. 2017




Resource: Free Female Role Model Resource for Schools