Date and Time Sat, October 7, 2017

9:00 AM – 3:30 PM EDT

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Location West Virginia Wesleyan College

59 College Avenue

Buckhannon, WV 26201


Starting a Health Ministry in your Congregation

Where are you in your journey of physical and spiritual health? Did you know they go hand-in-hand? Where is your church in that journey? Do you want all your ministries empowered by vibrant, mission driven people?

This conference can help!


  • Stories of successful health ministries
  • Stories about the challenge of starting health ministry.


  • Ministries that are doing it! They see healthy living as mission to their church, in their congregation, and for their community. They’re starting their congregation’s journey to health.


  • From the examples, the people and the ministries of Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits.
  • How to start a health ministry project, grow a team of people, and establish a fully functioning health ministry in your congregation.


  • With a plan in hand! Wherever you are in your journey, you’ll be inspired and connected to people with the same motivation. You’ll know the resources, have the fellowship, and make the connections that can get your ministry off to a successful start.


We’ll address all 3 levels of where your congregation will be in building a health ministry. Choose your stage and be inspired and equipped to take your congregation’s health journey to the next level!

Stage 1

(You’d like to have healthy living on your ministry radar!)

1. If you’re the only person in your congregation with the “health vision”, we can guide you to putting on a successful health project in your congregation. It’ll help you gauge interest levels and see where you should focus your attention.

Stage 2

(You’ve got a few folks who do “health stuff” and you want to do it as a ministry!)

2. If you’ve got 1-3 people and have tried to do a healthy event but want more focus and a team; we can help you go to the next level. You’ll learn how other ministries have built a team of people to fuel healthy living in their congregation and what you need to do to find those people for your team.

Stage 3

(You’ve actually got healthy ministry activities… but you want to take it to the community!)

3. If you’ve got 3 or more people and resources to start a health ministry but haven’t pulled the trigger, we have fresh ideas and partnerships that can catapult you into health ministry. Your congregation doesn’t have to do all the work! Partnerships put you in direct contact with more quality resources, trained professionals and the skills needed for you to take healthy living to the community. It can be a mission of your church. Establish the ministry and take it to the streets!

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Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits

West Virginia

Organizer of 3rd Annual Statewide HBHS Conference

Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits West Virginia exists to guide congregations to building health ministries. Healthy congregations make healthy communities. Our goal is to see hundreds of churches across the state establish health ministries that will guide you to carry out your God-given mission in the fullness of the strength and power of God.