We would like to invite you to the “Cabell County Social Host Ordinance” discussion on March 28th!!  For more information and to register, please call or email me.  All information is included in the flyer.  Please share this flyer and email with your contacts.

Underage drinking is not just a youth problem.

It is also very much an adult problem.  As adults, we need to make sure we are not sending a mixed message.  Some adults who purchase alcohol for those under age 21 look the other way when teens talk about their drinking exploits and host teenage drinking parties in their homes.  Many communities struggle to prevent underage drinking.

Holding adults responsible for underage drinking parties is a pro-active step for concerned communities but can be difficult.  Social host ordinances give communities a practical tool for holding adults accountable. These ordinances allow law enforcement to cite the individual who hosted the underage drinking party. More than 150 cities or counties and 24 states have adopted social host ordinances.

Don’t underestimate the problem!

  • Only 37% of Cabell County Seniors felt it was wrong for friends to use alcohol.
  • 36% of Cabell County Seniors say they use alcohol at a friend’s house.
  • 43% of Cabell County Seniors say they use alcohol on the weekend.
  • 58% of Cabell County Seniors perceive alcohol as very easy to get.

*PRIDE Survey 2016 Statistics

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Cabell County Social Host Ordinance” discussion on March 28th