Try This Huntington meeting July 21 at 10:30

Our 1st meeting of the new grant year will be tomorrow at the Cabell-Huntington Convention & Visitors Bureau Inc in the meeting room at 10:30. All are welcome to help us plan fun and healthy events for the coming year. Feel free to bring your own coffee/breakfast. Delicious options close by include River and Rail Bakery and Butter It Up HQ.

Please feel free to forward to anyone you think might be interested in attending the meeting.  I am not sure who all wanted to be involved in the coming year.  I also posted this on Try This Huntington’s Facebook.  Please share it if you get a chance.

Thank you!!



April Knight

Family Resource Specialist

Mountain State Healthy Families

PO Box 1653

Huntington, WV 25717

304-523-9587 ext. 302 (O)

304-412-6602 (C)

304-523-9595 (F)


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Try This Huntington meeting July 21 at 10:30