On Friday afternoon (Feb. 20th), after advocates from around West Virginia spoke out during a public comment period and met individually with their members, the
House Government Organization Committee REJECTED HB-2208.

HB-2208 would have offered exemptions from clean indoor air regulations for
hundreds of facilities including casinos, limited video lottery establishments and fraternal organizations who have at least a 10% no smoking area and meet prescribed ventilation requirements. Exemptions under this bill would be approved or disapproved by the County Commissioners following verification by the local board of health that the conditions for exemptions were met.

The defeat of HB-2208 however may be short-lived as proponents of this unhealthy legislation immediately began trying to revive the bill. Also, a similar piece of legislation, SB-109, will be up for a vote before the entire Senate early this week.

Passage of legislation as proposed in these bills would:

– Dramatically weaken the ability of clean indoor air regulations in our
communities to protect our citizens from exposure to second hand smoke as
they work, live and while enjoying entertainment.

– Would provide a path to exemption for hundreds of facilities that are
already smoke free and have been for a considerable time exposing its
workers, patrons and vendors to harmful and toxic environmental tobacco

This legislation is being sought by powerful special interests, most notably the gambling industry, who are attempting to to turn back the hands of time in order to squeeze profits through exploitation of a dangerous addiction.


Please take the following two actions RIGHT NOW to protect clean indoor air in West Virginia:

1- Contact your Senators TODAY on SB-109

SB-109 could be voted on by the full Senate on Monday. Call your Senators
and ask them to OPPOSE SB-109.

2 – Contact your House of Delegate Members TODAY on SB-2208

Let Delegates know how happy you are that HB-2208 was defeated in committee
AND to also OPPOSE SB-109 should it pass over to them from the Senate.

Contact Information for your members can be located through the links below:

House of Delegates –

Senate –

Teresa Mills RTPCCabell-Huntington Health Department703 7th AvenueHuntington, WV 25701Teresa.d.mills@wv.gov304-523-6483 ext. 283


A public hearing on HB-2208 has been scheduled for FRIDAY FEBUARY 20 at 9 a.m. in the House of Delegate Chambers at the Capitol.

Please join us and let your legislators know that you support 100% smoke free regulations and oppose HB2208, legislation proposed that could take away these ordinances that we worked tirelessly to secure and protect fellow West Virginians from the dangers of 2nd hand smoke.

Please join us for this public hearing and show your support!

We need all tobacco-free advocates to come out and let our legislators know that we oppose this legislation.

HB-2208, would exempt any area designated for adults 21 years of age or older which has at least a 10% no smoking area and a ventilation system which provides for an air exchange of 3 times per hour. Exemptions under this bill would be approved or disapproved by the County Commissioners following verification from the local board of health that the conditions for exemption have been met.

Public hearings are open to all citizens and provide you the opportunity to directly share your views on pending legislation.

The scientific evidence is clear – there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

Numerous studies, scientific evidence and the surgeon generals report shows that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

In fact, nonsmokers who are exposed to high levels of tobacco smoke on the job double their risk of developing lung cancer, and lung and heart disease.

We need to protect ALL West Virginians from secondhand smoke exposure.

Please join us and help us save our smoke free regulations in West Virginia!

We hope to see you there. Safe travels and stay warm!


If you would like to contact your Delegates, as well as the committee chairpersons, to voice your concerns, the contacts are below.

Chairperson Delegate Gary Howell (Mineral) 304-340-3192
Vice Chair Delegate Lynn Arvon (Raleigh, Wyoming) 304-340-3384
Minority Chair Delegate Jim Morgan (Cabell, Lincoln) 304-340-3277
Vice Minority Chair Delegate Peggy Smith (Lewis, Tucker, Upshur, Preston) 304-340-3123
Delegate Saira Blair (Berkeley) 304-340-3122
Delegate Anna Border-Sheppard (Wood, Wirt) 304-340-3136
Delegate Scott Cadle (Jackson, Mason, Putnam) 304-340-3118
Delegate Larry Faircloth (Berkeley) 304-340-3147
Delegate Danny Hamrick (Taylor, Harrison) 304-340-3141
Delegate Jordan Hill (Nicholas, Greenbrier, McDowell, Mercer, Wyoming) 304-340-3352
Delegate Michael Ihle (Mason, Jackson, Putnam) 304-340-3146
Delegate Kayla Kessinger (Fayette, Clay, Kanawha, Raleigh, Nicholas) 304-340-3197
Delegate Pat McGeehan (Brooke, Hancock) 304-340-3397
Delegate Michael Moffatt (Boone, Putnam, Logan Lincoln) 304-340-3152
Delegate Joshua Nelson (Boone, Kanawha) 304-340-3184
Delegate Randy Smith (Preston, Tucker, Lewis, Upshur) 304-340-3306
Delegate Chris Stansbury (Kanawha) 304-340-3340
Delegate Mark Zatezalo (Brooke, Ohio) 304-340-3120
Delegate Mike Caputo (Marion) 304-340-3249
Delegate Jeff Eldridge (Boone, Lincoln, Logan, Putnam) 304-340-3113
Delegate Michael Ferro (Marshall) 304-340-3111
Delegate William Hartman (Pocahontas, Randolph) 304-340-3178
Delegate Justin Marcum (Logan, Mingo) 304-340-3126
Delegate Rupert Phillips (Logan, McDowell, Boone, Mercer, Wyoming) 304-340-3174
Delegate Isaac Sponaugle (Hardy, Pendleton) 304-340-3154
To help track who has been contact, please email and share which lawmakers you’ve contacted.

Thank you for raising your voice virtually for all West Virginians who will be affected by weakened smoke-free air regulations in our communities!


Public hearing on HB-2208 On smoke free regs – Action for 2-23