Empty Stocking 2014

Hard to believe that it’s time once more to submit Empty Stocking stories for the Herald Dispatch.  I’d like to have them by November 20th, so that they can be organized and sent to the paper for their Thanksgiving Day newspaper.  I feel so bad when people send them in late and we have to leave them out, so keep the 20th in mind….

 Remember the drill: the people have to be real, with actual needs that will make their daily living better.  We’re not into getting toys, but we’re interested in things like pots and pans, pieces of furniture, bunk beds, bus passes…. the things we’ve always printed.   We need a fake name for the family, but your real name (first only is wise) your agency, and a phone # where you can be reached.  You are responsible for getting whatever the request is to the person/family.    Here’s an example:

           Tony walks to school every day, and has worn holes in this shoes.  He wears size 6, and could also use some warm socks, gloves, and a toboggan.
Call Sidney, Information and Referral, 304-528-5660


Brian and Jeff have to sleep on a couch, heads on each end.  Getting a good night’s sleep would really help their days at school.  Do you have an extra set of bunk beds?
Call Sidney, Information and Referral, 304-528-5660

 Please type them up and send them either to WVSid@AOL.com or fax them to 304-399-3501   Thank you so much for helping people in our area have a happier holiday season, and a better 2015!

 Appreciation and a smile!


2014 Empty stocking stories – submit by Nov. 20