Want to Learn about Policy Issues that Campaign Partners are Working on?

Registration is now open for our upcoming regional policy workshops.  Each policy workshop will allow campaign partners the opportunity to participate in trainings on voter registration, local policy change,and policy advocacy trainings.  Local champions, consisting of community members and legislators, will participate in a panel discussing how to effectively advocate for our children and families.

Regional Workshops are on the following dates and at the listed location:

·         Northern Regional Workshop     July 22,2014                         Gaston Caperton Center              Clarksburg,WV

·         Eastern Regional Worksop         July 29,2014                         Blue Ridge Community/Technical Center      Martinsburg, WV

·         Central Regional Workshop        July 24,2014                        St. Timothy in the Valley                  Hurricane,WV

·         Southern Regional Workshop     July 17,2014                        WV School of Osteopathic Medicine, Alumni Center      Lewisburg,WV

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend,share, and learn about the issues our campaign partners are working on.  Registration is below:

SOUTHERN REGIONAL REGISTRATION: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=a79xazcab&oeidk=a07e9g0w5shb8595527

Northern Regional Workshop Registration: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=a79xazcab&oeidk=a07e9g2os2985cb8826

CENTRAL REGIONAL REGISTRATION: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=a79xazcab&oeidk=a07e9drgh2ye3585b71

EASTERN REGIONAL REGISTRATION: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=a79xazcab&oeidk=a07e9g2sgc46b97f994

We look forward to seeing you there,


This action alert is sponsored by the Our Children, Our Future campaign.  The Our Children, Our Future campaign is made up of over 177 organizations/individuals committed to empowering West Virginia’s families and ending child poverty.

Our Children, Our Future campaign Regional Policy Workshops