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Dental Clinics throughout West Virginia: provide care to individuals with special considerations. These clinics provide dental services to disabled, low income patients, patients on Medicaid, children, and others in need of dental care that they could otherwise not afford.

  • Susan Dew Hoff Memorial Clinic – West Milford, WV –  304-745-3700
  • Wheeling Health Right – Wheeling, WV  –  304-233-9323
  • WV Health Right – Charleston, WV  – 304-414-5910
  • Ebenezer Medical Outreach – Huntington, WV – 304-529-0753
  • Putnam County Dental Health Council – Poca, WV – 304-586-3111
  • Milan Puskar Health Right – Morgantown, WV – 304-292-8234


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What Parents Should Know About Dental Coverage for Their Children under the ACA and Other Sources

A child with good dental health has an easier time eating, speaking, sleeping, playing, going to school and paying attention in class. Unfortunately, tooth decay is the most common chronic early childhood disease in the United States, and dental problems cause America’s children to miss 51 million school hours a year. Part of the solution to protecting the dental health of your children is a solid dental insurance plan that is the right fit for your family.


Needy Meds: Free and low-cost clinics

Free and low-cost clinics provide primary and preventive medical and dental care to area residents. In addition to the clinic name, address, telephone number, website (if available) and location map, the following information is listed for each clinic: fees, insurance guidelines, eligible patient income levels, and services offered. Please note that clinics are not necessarily free.


Oral Health Adult Services Programs: Donated denture and pre-employment projects

A project of the Bureau for Public Health, Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health/Oral Health Program (OMCFH/OHP) that offers free partials or full dentures through a partnership with dentists across the state who agree to donate their services to patients who meet various criteria. For more information on the Donated Denture Project or Pre-Employment Project, please visit your local DHHR office. Contact: Tiffany Keith, Adult Services Supervisor,

FIND A HEALTH CENTER: Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)

Health Centers care for you, even if you have no health insurance – you pay what you can afford based on your income. Contact the health center organization directly to confirm the availability of specific services and to make an appointment. Search the database on the website to find a center near you.



WV CHIP was created to help working families who do not have health insurance for their children. Children who get good medical care have a better chance of being healthy and doing well in school.

Visit the website to find out about services covered and how to apply for WV CHIP.

Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare resource links: or contact an insurance agent