Presentations: Smile Smarts Dental Health Curriculum

Smile Smarts! is dental health curriculum for preschool through grade eight students offering flexible, modular lesson plans, support materials, hands-on classroom demonstrations, student activity sheets, and suggestions for future dental health activities. 


WV DHHR Approved Standardized Oral Health Curriculum

PDFs of teacher curriculum guides for Pre-K Head Start:


HEALTHY SCHOOLS- Dental exam requirements

The mission is to provide leadership, training and support for schools and their communities designed to improve collaboration and ensure the health and educational achievement of children in a safe, nurturing and disciplined environment. Health and wellness requirements for students in the areas of HealthCheck, Dental exams, and Immunizations are on the Healthy Schools website.


CDC Report on Tooth Decay Among Preschool Children


Handouts and Other Presentations AND Education Courses


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