Dear Community Partner,

Hard to believe it’s time to think about Empty Stockings again, and getting the stories ready for the Herald Dispatch. But it is that time indeed! Sidney has retired and handed Empty Stockings over to me this year.

Thanksgiving is November 28th, and the paper likes to print the page on Thanksgiving. They need it ahead of time, so we need them by November 13th. We feel bad when we have to leave people out because the stories didn’t arrive in time, so let’s aim early.

Remember the drill: The people have to be real (but don’t use their actual names), with actual needs that will make their lives better year-round. We are not into getting toys, important as they are, but that’s not the point of Empty Stockings. The people cannot be kin or friends, they have to be actual clients. We are interested in things like pots and pans, blankets, bus passes, gloves and scarves, maybe a couch or a stove. Here’s how it goes:

Tony walks to school every day, and he has worn holes in his shoes. He wears a child’s size 8. New shoes, and maybe even a scarf, hat, and mittens, and he’ll be set! Call YOUR NAME, at YOUR AGENCY, with YOUR PHONE NUMBER.

Brian and Jeff sleep at opposite ends of the couch, but it’s not working out well for a good night’s rest. There is room in their apartment for bunk beds.
Do you have an extra set that would help these boys who do try hard in school?

Please type them up, and send them to or fax them to I&R’s office, 304-399-3501 .

Thank you so much for helping to make this holiday season brighter for people in our region.

Appreciation and a smile,

Miranda West



Miranda West

Supervisor Information and Referral

Cabell County Public Library

455 9th St. Plaza

Huntington, WV 25701

Phone 304.528.5660

Fax 304-399-3501




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2019 Empty Stockings

EVENT: Empty Stocking Stories due to Info & Referral by November 13th