Although soda sales are falling across the country, we must do more in West Virginia to reduce consumption of sugary drinks that are driving high rates of obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and other health problems. Fortunately, a new interactive website ( has been launched to raise awareness and make it fun and easy for West Virginians to find healthier drinks. We’ve made it easy for you to spread the word about!


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Rethink Your Drink WV

Because we all want to create a healthier West Virginia, many health groups are seeking to reduce consumption of sugary drinks. Too many people are consuming sugary drinks that lead to high rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay, heart problems and other health harms.

A new website called has been launched by the West Virginia Oral Health Coalition (WVOHC). Visitors to the website can type in their favorite drink and receive suggestions for healthier options. promotes water whenever and milk with meals.

* The website’s “Resources” page provides learning activities that parents and teachers can use, as well as a several handouts to raise awareness.

* The website’s social media kit can be used by anyone to post messages that draw attention to this important issue.

WVOHC developed the website in consultation with several organizations: KEYS 4 HealthyKids, American Heart Association, WVU’s Extension Service (Family Nutrition Program), West Virginians for Affordable Health Care and the Healthy Kids & Families Coalition.

This new website has free learning activities, educational handouts and a sugar calculator. There is also a social media kit you can use to raise awareness and encourage behavior change — just look for it on the “Resources” page. If you have any suggestions or questions about the new website and related activities, please contact Matt Jacob at or Gina Sharps at

CONTACT: Gina Sharps, MPH, RDH, CTTS, West Virginia Oral Health Coalition  Coordinator, 304-276-0572

Promoting Optimal Oral Health for All West Virginians

RESOURCE: Rethink Your Drink WV website