We live and work in a community that is committed to creating an environment that values education and supports teaming up to address student issues that affect student achievement. Get connected, be part of our movement!  Help us fulfill our mission to connect resources to empower students to achieve personal excellence. 

Many students may have issues that impact their educational performance. How can all of these issues be addressed? The answer is the issues can’t all be addressed by the school or any one organization. These issues are complex.

However, we have to start somewhere. That somewhere is YOU partnering with Cabell County Student Empowerment Team. By connecting needed resources with students, we encourage them to believe they can achieve greater personal success as face the many challenges that set up barriers to their achievement.

As a supporter of education, please consider how you can join with us to show your support to empower students to achieve personal excellence. You can contact us to volunteer your time and share your talents. You can make a tax deductible donation to Cabell County Family Resource Network – CCSET.  Your personal investment can empower a student and give them the chance they deserve by helping us to reach our goals.

Get connected, be part of our movement and truly live our motto – Connect. Believe. Achieve.

Get Connected- Join our movement & invest in student success!