“Pinwheel Gardens” promote hope and celebrate the ‘extraordinary ordinary’ everyday actions that make great childhoods for all children!

Our children are our future, and if we work to make the ordinary extraordinary not just during April but every day, we can go a long way toward creating the kind of world where all children are celebrated and where abuse and neglect never occurs. “You might not even realize that what you’re doing is enhancing the lives of the children and families you know,” said Debra Harris Bowyer, Coordinator of the Cabell County Family Resource Network/ Partners in Prevention.  “Every time you knock on a neighbor’s door to see if they need help with babysitting or homework, or reach out to someone being bullied by refusing to be a witness, volunteer at a local child-serving agency and school, or even take a stand for a program or policy that you feel should be part of your community, you’re doing something extraordinary.” “Pinwheel Gardens” bring attention to the simple things that you can do to ensure great childhoods for all children and to support healthy child development.

This newest Pinwheels are being “planted” by Playmates Child Development Center of Westmoreland on April 19th at  noon at the Cabell Department of Health and Human Resources. “Pinwheel Garden” photos will be shared throughout the month on the Cabell County Family Resource Network’s Facebook page and website. We encourage people to share with us their ‘EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY’ things they do every day that can make an extraordinary impact on children’s lives. The public is invited to wear blue, the symbolic color for National Child Abuse Prevention Month. For more information, resources and tips to support parents check the Cabell County Family Resource Network website www.cabellfrn.org.

About Pinwheels for Prevention:

According to Prevent Child Abuse America, people around the country are often involved in activities or actions that make a difference without even realizing it, and during April the organization is committed to shining a light on these kind of actions in order to help show that they are occurring nationwide and being undertaken by people from all demographics. Pinwheels are the national symbol for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. It serves as a symbol of hope for great childhoods all children deserve because our children are our future. 

The planting of “Pinwheel Gardens” across Cabell County celebrates community partnerships for strengthening the family and promoting the idea that when all children have the great childhoods they deserve, the citizens of WV will have the prosperous future they desire. We can achieve this when the public plays an active role in the lives of children and their families and there is no better time to remind people of this than during April.

The “Pinwheel Gardens” are brought to you by Cabell County Partners in Prevention, administered by the Cabell County Family Resource Network.  The Cabell County Family Resource Network is a partnership of individuals, families and agencies working together to promote the well-being of children and families in Cabell County.  Support is through The West Virginia Children’s Trust Fund, WV Department of Health and Human Resources and our community partners: Head Start, UniCare, Necco, United Way of the River Cities – Success by 6, Huntington Junior College, WV Birth to Three, and Huntington Mall.

There are multiple opportunities to view the “Pinwheel Gardens” for the next few weeks at: Cabell County Board of Education, Ritter Park Rose Garden, Scott Community Center, Ebenezer Community Outreach, Huntington Convention & Visitors Bureau at Heritage Station, LINK Resource & Referral at River Valley Child Development, and Head Start Preschools just to name a few.

Visit www.preventchildabusewv.org or www.cabellfrn.org for more information.


“Pinwheel Gardens” promote hope & celebrate ‘extraordinary ordinary’ everyday actions