Lighthouse Program – Bureau of Senior Services


Below is information from their website….

Lighthouse is designed to assist those seniors who have functional needs in their homes, but whose income or assets disqualify them for Medicaid services. The Lighthouse Program, available in each county, is funded entirely by state monies and provides support in four areas: personal care, mobility, nutrition, and housekeeping.

An individual may receive up to sixty hours of service per month, based on a client assessment and resources available. To participate in the program one must be at least sixty years of age and meet the functional eligibility need. Lighthouse has a sliding scale fee reimbursement in place. See Lighthouse Program Policy Manual for more detailed information.

A Lighthouse brochure is available for printing, and a 30-second Lighthouse video can be viewed below.

For further information, please call your county aging provider or contact us at the Bureau of Senior Services.



Lighthouse Program designed to assist seniors