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Family Resource Networks (FRNs) are organizations that understand and are responsive to the needs and opportunities in West Virginia communities. Partnering with citizens and local organizations, the FRNs develop, coordinate and administer innovative projects and provide needed resources.

FRNs have been essential in generating additional resources for communities during the continuous federal and state budget cuts and economic downturn. This economy has not only effected the children and families of West Virginia, but the support systems that help to provide a safety net for our citizens- including social services, law enforcement agencies and schools.  The FRNs have emerged as the safety net our communities have needed, while at the same time receiving 23% less in funding than in 2000, despite inflation. This erodes at the foundation of the work that FRNs are able to do in WV counties and jeopardizes the resources.

    $6.7 million in funds to local communities
  $1.3 million in funds for other organizations
  Over $2 million in-kind
  117 people employed through FRNs
FRNs believe that the most valuable and lasting improvements arise locally, from determined and well-equipped local leaders who can mobilize their communities with a common vision.  We believe that investing in these leaders is one of the most critical catalysts for community-wide change.  Most of all, we believe that the children and families of West Virginia are valuable.  A state that is equally proud of its worth and resources will be a state that continues to work for a better future.


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